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Majura Parkway – Recent Media and Comments

The ACT Government, including both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party, seem hell bent on persisting with planning for a new four-lane Majura Parkway rather than upgrading the existing two lane Majura Road, which is the route favoured by the NCCC and the ACT Greens. The only noise pollution being felt at the moment is endless political squabbling over who will pay what and when. Adding to the mix of public comments is the Gungahlin Community Council, which apparently favours construction of the more costly and environment-damaging Majura Parkway. Recent articles have been published in the Canberra Times and …

Canberra Times: Fears Duntroon ovals to be annexed (Majura Parkway)

The 16 January 2010 Canberra Times reports that the Department of Defence has concerns that the alignment of the proposed $250 million Majura Parkway will annex and displace existing Duntroon ovals and create noise problems for residential areas. This issue reenfoces the concerns that the Council has already made with regard to the propsed alignment of the Majura Parkway. You can read related articles on the NCCC web site about the Majura Parkway by following this LINK. The article has been reproduced below:

Correspondence Received: Feedback relating to Majura Parkway Draft EIS (road realignment)

Correspondence received in response to earlier questions sent by the North Canberra Community Council to Tony Gill (Roads ACT) and Neil Savery (ACTPLA) as to rationale behind need for major road re-alignment of the proposed Majura Parkway to provide a rail corridor. The return correspondence has been reproduced below:

Public submissions with regard to Majura Parkway Draft EIS now available online.

ACTPLA has made available public submissions in regard to the Majura Parkway – Draft Environmental Impact Statement. To access these submissions click on the following link to the ACTPLA Draft Environmental Impact Statement webpage and scroll down to towards the bottom of the page (NOTE: there is no shortcut to jump directly to the submissions!).

Submission commenting on the Draft Majura Parkway Environmental Impact Statement Report (EIS)

The North Canberra Community Council (NCCC) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Draft Majura Parkway Environmental Impact Statement Report (EIS). We also appreciate the willingness of the ACT Government to extend the consultation period and to hold the public meeting on 8 July. We believe the level of interest at that meeting indicates that it would be desirable to hold that kind of meeting in future consultation processes ? perhaps towards the middle of the EIS process, when initial views are being formed. Read the full submission »…